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aluminum and the characteristic of alloy

The usage of the aluminum alloy is rather widely used in modern industry. The main reson

is its characteristic as follow:

light   ▲High CorrosionResistance   ▲Workability ExcellentFormability  Good Strength   ▲Machinability ▲Variety of Attractive Appearance   ▲Good Electrical Conductivity  ▲Variety of Forms  ▲Non-toxic   ▲Non-Magnetic   Weldability ▲ExcellentThermalConductivity   ▲Low Temperature Properties  Salvage   ▲Reflectivity 



The weight of aluminum is one third of the steel.  

High CorrosionResistance

Aluminum in the natural environment in a thin layer formed on the surface oxide film can block the oxygen in the air to avoid further oxidation, has excellent corrosion resistance, such as aluminum surface again as a variety of surface treatment, better corrosion resistance can be bad for the outdoor environment and better use.

Workability ExcellentFormability

Use complete annealing (or part of annealing) can produce the quality of soft aluminum alloy, forming applicable to the processing of requests in this regard the typical applications such as aluminum wheels, the ceiling lights lamp door inlay, capacitors frames, aluminum, etc..

Good Strength

The addition of alloy and rolling, heat treatment process produces intensity 2 kg / mm 2 ~ 60kg / mm 2 different intensity levels of products to apply to a variety of products on the strength of demand.

Variety of Attractive Appearance

The aluminum has excellent anode surface treatment, including treatment of the surface into Toyomasa, coating and plating, especially anode treatment can produce various color, hardness of the coating to fitness on the various uses.

Good Electrical Conductivity

The electrical conductivity of aluminum for copper of 60%, but also the weight of only one-third of copper, the same weight of aluminum, copper for its electrical conductivity of the double, so if the same measuring electrical conductivity of aluminum copper cheaper than the cost, in this regard to the application of electric wire up.


The excellent thermal conductivity of aluminum, so in the family metal, air-conditioning heat sinks, heat exchangers in a wide range of applications.

Variety of Forms

The aluminum processing of special-kai, Machinable into rods, lines, crowded Profile, aluminum extrusion profiles in the amount of enjoying a huge proportion


Compared with the steel can save up to 70%, usually higher intensity of the cutting of aluminum alloy better.


The aluminum and aluminum alloy welding of the better, and in the structure of the ship is an important application status

Low Temperature Properties

Cryopreservation of aluminum in a state without a general low temperature carbon steel brittle, can be applied to low-temperature equipment, such as ships.


Aluminum non-toxic, in the use of a wide range of food, such as food packaging bags, fast food containers and metal on the domestic application of a lot, especially the use of aluminum platinum which is the main food packaging.


Although the aluminum prices higher than ordinary carbon steel, but easy to use recycling remelting, as on Earth can be full and effective use of resources.


No magnetic response of the metal. Almost gas from the electromagnetic effects of the magnetic field, magnetic metal itself without gas. Must apply to a variety of non-magnetic electrical machinery


Aluminum surface brightness effective heat reflection, the airwaves, so it is used in greenhouses of the reflection plate, lighting equipment, such as parallel antenna. The more reflective of the higher purity good.

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