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Aluminum board, the elf evident is a board to use the material of Aluminum or duralumin type material. Or to say is from flat Aluminum by heating to pull to keep or dissolve the time limited efficacy thermal etc. process the manufacturing but of the board type Aluminum product.
On the building, the usage of the Aluminum board includes single layer Aluminum board, recombination Aluminum board etc. various materials, usually pointing the single layer Aluminum board ( also call single Aluminum board or pure Aluminum board) generally, used for building to decorate the engineering inside, in recent years in Aluminum board act wall single layer Aluminum board is used frequently. The Aluminum board act wall is also a kind of the act wall, saying in brief, is a wall to replace with the Aluminum board glass making into the act wall, Aluminum board act wall is often used for making wall cover and opticsless. Such as the world trade center of Guangzhou use the southwest Aluminum processing plant board material deci-factory process the Aluminum board of the very different radian near 150 tons, the surface adopts electrostatic painting. The Aluminum board act wall of the abroad has been choosing to use the single layer Aluminum board. The thickness of Aluminum board is 3 mms, for enhancing the Aluminum board face intensity,
  the Aluminum knothole reverse side must install the enhancement ( current factory house uneasy) to make into with the thick Aluminum tape, use first to flash the machine of soldering use a nut soldering in Aluminum board reverse, then enhance made the Aluminum that drills a hole and enter screw, screw stationary. In order to alleviate the Aluminum board weight and enhance the Aluminum board intensity, we adopt the duralumin board by choosing the No.21 that defend with the rust Aluminum code number LF21 that the pressed by Aluminum board to make the act wall Aluminum board. The thickness of Aluminum board from originall 3mm decrease to 2.5 mm, Compare to pure Aluminum the alloy’s intensity is a time more. Enhance use the LF21 Aluminum, the thickness and width of the Aluminum tape according to Aluminum board face, general thick 2-2.5 mm, width 10-25 mm. The Aluminum board reverse of the Aluminum board act wall will be installed enhance to avoid that under the situation of outside plus or minus press Aluminum board is not hollow or drum out, avoiding the Aluminum board act wall sound by vibrating inside and outside. If it is necessary to soundproof and keep warm, the seamy side of Aluminum board can set dress rock cotton, mineral cotton or hair bubbles.
Aluminum board width of the first domestic producer produced can amount to 2.8 m. The way of handling of the act wall Aluminum board surface can be divided into two kind of methods, an anode by oxidizing, another is an electrostatic painting. The oxidizof the anode oxadation is general above 12 μ, color only contains ancient bronze and white, the color is monotonous, the more serious is that the color of each Aluminum board face is different, many acts wall board combines to forme an act wall and looked ungly on the whole. This defect can’t delete and not resulted by producing technique but because Aluminum board has the small difference and the different electroanalysis slot liquid current density when oxidizing. So the surface of Aluminum board of the Aluminum board act wall will never use the anode oxadation. 

Another method that act wall Aluminum board surface is an electrostatic to spray to draw. Spray to draw to is divided into the powder painting and the liquid painting. The powder sprays are: The ammonia ester, bulge resin, ring oxygen resin etc. raw material in order to protect the color pigment and can get many kinds of different colors spray to draw the powder. Should spray to draw the powder , bear to bump to touch and bear to rub, under 50 kilogram collisions, the Aluminum board transforms, spraying layer can not crack, the none drops in layer , anti-sparse acid and sand syrup. Unique default is the ultraviolet to project light over a long period of time and generate the discrepancy of the yin and yang face color easily after several years. The liquid sprays the coating namely the carbon polymer sprays the coating, being so called to turn for the carbon spray the coating, making the carbon polymer resin that paint the oil in order to, making the cover face of the metal paint, is the most firm molecule wedge bonding with the wedge bonding of the present. Because single layer Aluminum board is easier to alter the curved fold processes and take complicated shape than the beehive Aluminum board . It can adapt to the endless need of building in variety outside wall decorate. Generally the single layer Aluminum board makes Aluminum board act wall material as best and gets various colors spray to draw the surface. The intensity is good, the cost is low, the life is long, if it can not contact with  steel board directly, the Aluminum board hang on the wall for 50 years and can’t shed off or decay.


Single layer Aluminum board act wall make the act wall board with pure the 3 mms of Aluminum or single board in board in an Aluminum in LF21s, single layer Aluminum board develops with electricity bolt the technical development in connecting in soldering, electricity bolt soldering realizes reinforce the welding in the single layer Aluminum board face and not break the Aluminum board face again. Its life is long and intensity is high(amount to 50 years), as a result it makes the Aluminum board act wall enrich much in processing the form and constructing the form.

Aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance, good strength and good welding. It is widely used many kinds of industries such as window-door, decorating, package, vessels, architecture and so on.

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